13 June 2012

Premiership Rights To Be Shared Between BT and BSkyB

For the first time BT will share the rights to show Premiership matches with BSkyB from the 2013-14 season.

There will be 154 matches, an increase of 16 in the current deal, 116 of which will be broadcast by BSkyB.

The deal is worth £3.018bn, an increase of £1.25bn (approximately £14m more per club) on the current deal.

Richard Scudamore, Premier League Chief Executive, said;

"We are entering a new era with financial fair play, I'm hoping it will get invested in things other than playing talent. It should also be able to achieve sustainability," 
Good luck with that, Mr Scudamore.  I wonder who will end up paying the extra £1.25bn?

It also remains to be seen how BT will deliver the programmes.  They can be expected to push their broadband packages, but will this mean that those who do not have fast internet access available (those who live in 'not-spots') will also not have access to Premiership matches?

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