24 June 2012

Premier League | Wenger

Football is a competitive enterprise.  Players have to beat their opponents; the team has to score more goals than their opponents;  and the manager has to outwit his opposite number.

Arséne Wenger has not done too bad a job at winning matches (not as good as some others, for sure), but matches are one off the pitch as well as on it.  The best players are a valuable and desirable commodity.

Which it is why it is a little odd that he is quoted in De Telegraaf as saying; "Sometimes people try and destroy your work."  He went on to say, "I lost Nasri, Clichy and Fabregas at an age when they could have made the difference for Arsenal."

As he must know, if his players are any good, they will be coveted by other successful teams, like, for example, Manchester City, Barcelona.  It is up to the Arsenal board and Wenger to do what it takes to keep their star performers.  Robin Van Persie, anyone?

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